Do Not Try Removing Rats on Your Own

You can remove rats yourself but it is unsafe and the methods you use may harm the rats. Some common DIY rat removal methods involve the use of rodenticides. These are chemicals that kill rodents. On the other and is the old method of using cats. Cats are natural predators of mice and rats. Keeping a cat can help chase away and eat rats. However if you have many rats a cat or two may not be enough to get rid of all the rats. What is more? The population of rats increases over a short period of time. You could also try chasing and catching the rats on your own but with their agility you will not be successful.

rat removal houston
rat removal houston

Rat removal Houston should be left to the experts. Talk to us and let us take care of removing all the rats in your home. We will find out where they are and remove them one after the other. We are equipped with proper baits and traps that we will use to lure and trap the animals. We never use rodenticides to catch these or any other rodents. With our humane tactics we are able to make your home rat-free and free rats so they can roam in the wild where they belong. Nobody has to die!

Rats are sneaky and annoying but this is not the reason why you should be worried about them. They harbor many disease-causing microorganisms and they destroy property. You need to give us a call the minute you spot a rat in your property. The rat may have made your attic their home or they can invade any other part of the home. Even rats that do not live inside the house should be a matter of concern. They will often come in to look for food and in the process destroy property and transmit diseases.
As rodent control specialists in Houston, TX, we have a specialized team that is capable of removing even large populations of rats. We will find their nest and remove both big and small rats. As for safety, our workers have proper safety materials including masks, respirators, gloves and coveralls they can use during rat removal. We will also clean up rat infested areas so we leave your house clean and safe for use by you and your family. We will also seal openings and cracks that rats may use to get into the house preventing future infestation.